Bach Ma National Park


Bach Ma National Park

1. Vai Hai Dai

Hai Dai Vale is located at an altitude of 1,430m, where Bach Ma peak majestic. To reach this top, you will have to conquer the Vong Hai Dai trail, one of the lightest subdued walks in Bach Ma National Park.

At Vai Hai Dai, you can admire the four sides of Bach Ma. Hue mountains are hidden in the cloud, Cau Hai lake, Canh Duong beach, Lang Co bay, Truoi lake … Forest scene, sea view, lagoon scene, as well as winding roads like white silk strip. Light in the wind, the little folds like tiny brown dots glisten in the middle of the blue … All like a perfect picture that you are fully enjoyed from Vong Hai Dai.

2. Do Quyen Waterfall

The best time to visit Do Quyen falls is in the spring. With a height of about 300m, the waterfall whitening white foam year, looking down from the top will see the mountain hills. The waterfall is called rhododendron because it grows on both sides of the falls and usually blooms in March.


It is fair to say that these photos are hard to portray the beauty of azaleas as they look at flowers at the peak of Bach Ma. Especially when we look at flowers with a heart.

3. Lakes

With a 30 minute walk, this trail will take you to a series of beautiful waterfalls, lyrical beside the lush green lake, romantic. Five Lakes is a collection of five lakes at five different points, according to many people have been going to the third lake is the most beautiful. Water in the lake is very clear and cold, on the lake with falls cascading down beautiful look fascinated.


Do not forget to bring a camera or camcorder, as it is sure that the pictures you take at these lakes will be beautiful pictures that are not easy to get. You can also swim in the lagoon if you are healthy and tolerate cool water here.

4. Starfish Waterfall

Compared to the Ngu Ho trail, the Vong Hai Dai trail, the Do Quyen trail, the Pho Sao trail seems to be the least mentioned. It is a fact that the trail is also attractive as other trails. Not simply a trail with a walkway and trees along the side of the walkway, visitors will sometimes have to climb mountains, cross the clearing.

The end point of the trip is Phe Sao with the water flowing through each stone. The pause of this flow is a lump in the lung, revealing even a mossy blue moss. If you are lucky enough to visit your conquest, you will find somewhere the rare hemorrhoids.

5. Black Forest

Coming to this forest you will see many majestic ancient trees growing close together, there are trees about 1m in diameter and over 30m high. Black goat is a large tree species of wood, straight, tower-shaped. The tree is good wood, pinkish yellow or brownish gray, yellow, depending on the site conditions, diagonal but easy to split, water resistant including salt water. Wood used for construction, ship building …

On the Cho Den forest trail, you can hire guides to use the leisure and entertainment services of the air by sliding cable or climbing on the grid several feet above the ground. This is an ideal opportunity for you to explore the rainforest of the soaring canopy, and to leave unmatched pictures of your mountaineering trips.

6. Waterfall Falls

The sluice falls right in the buffer zone of Bach Ma National Park, at the foot of a mountain range 1,500m high, in the midst of dense jungle. The so-called cascade is slid by the middle of the falls where there is a large rock where the water erodes into a natural slide. The thin layer of moss on the stone for a long time to create a slippery slurry, as well as massage function for the back of the sliding surf slide above …


From above, each group of young and old guests are excited to wait for their turn in the flow of water and then zigzag falls into the lake below in the cheering of people. Feeling adventurous, lightheaded, cheery hard to describe …

7. Truc Lam Monastery


Truc Lam Bach Ma Monastery is surrounded by Truoi Lake, which is located on Linh Son Mountain. At Truoi Lake Dam, to reach the monastery, you take about 15 minutes to go to Truoi Lake. Zoom into your surroundings and you will see the white clouds floating on the bottom of the clear blue lake; Contemplate the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni who is sitting meditating on a hill in front of a pagoda 24 meters high, weighing 1,500 tonnes of stone. On the other side of the lake is the construction of Truc Lam Bach Ma monastery hidden in the mist of the Linh Son Mountain around the year of hazy clouds.

Notes to visit Bach Ma National Park:

  • – Before going to Bach Ma, you should book services and bring warm clothes, low shoes.
  • – Motorcycles or cars over 30 seats are not allowed on Bach Ma.
  • – Do not expect at Bach Ma there are luxury hotels, dance floor, karaoke bars or food and souvenirs originating from forest animals.
  • – You may be fined if you litter, pluck, break or otherwise violate the regulations in Bach Ma.
  • – Read and follow signs, rules and regulations.

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