The most beautiful coffee shop for anyone going to Hue

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The most beautiful coffee shop for anyone going to Hue

1. Lim

With main color and white color with simple furniture, bring to feel small, beautiful and comfortable. Small angles of green dots in the beautiful little pots and twinkling lights create the perfect background for any thousand thousand photos. Not only scored by the glittering look, there are also fruit drinks and milk tea is great by her master cook hand. The drink is placed in a small glass bottle. Drink finished bottle also brought again!

2. The Ware – house

The Ware – house is probably the nicest changing cafe in Hue so any season of the year or time will come back, you will also have new background to spoil the photo shoot. Every corner of The Ware – house is carefully carved from every corner of the home to warm air space. At The Ware – house do not forget to try the specialty Bingsu. Soft prices plus food and drinks are delicious, especially extremely beautiful.

3. Coffee 1976

If you are the “girl from yesterday,” like the nostalgia of time, 1976 coffee is truly the destination for you. From space with a chalkboard chalked white to the old furniture. The mattress of the cushion of the blanket design evokes many clear and beautiful childhood memories. In 1976, there were gifts of cake that used to be a time in us such as baby noodles, popcorn and candy.

caffer 1976 Hue - Hue Transfer Service

One-way Hue rain romance, go here quietly watching the streets or chatting quietly recalling memories together is great, nhỉ?

4. T Tox Tearoom & Pastry

A cozy little teahouse is perfect for you to enjoy the holidays besides aromatic tea and pastries. T Tox’s space is pretty, but every corner is cute and there are lots of props for you to “do deep” like books, ukulele. It specializes in tea style afternoon tea of ​​England. The tea is quite fragrant, tasty and has many flavors to choose from. Do not forget to choose a sweet cake to sip sweet tea. There are many kinds of cake from choux cake, tiramisu to cheese cake that everyone is so cute!

5. Hue Cafe Roastery

Although located on the second floor of a house but Hue Cafe Roastery is easy to cling visitors by rustic, nostalgic charm. Step inside the restaurant, you will immediately spot a time-tinted space, warm with a simple decoration but the eyes. The balcony has a balcony overlooking the riverbank so a beautiful day sitting in the wind, watching the river, the road to the car is also great it! In particular, the cafe’s coffee is very fragrant and rich, it is worth to try. Orange juice and lemon juice are two should not be missed.

6. A bowl of bubble tea

An excellent restaurant in Hue for a group of friends to stop and eat snacks after a street bowl. Chery’s space is simple, young, modern and airy. Simple decoration style seems boring but feels very comfortable and easy to live … virtual. Quan also has two very large glass with the stream rather than the picture is pretty cool. Besides the water menu quite a lot of choices, in Chin, you can find a lot of junk food is very “young” like mango bean, bean tock, cheese tokbokki, chicken feet … spoiled to eat When it comes to … rolling back then home!

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